Ok, so although we have an amazing diversity of members, unfortunately we do not have a laywer or even a law expert in our ranks. So this being said we have no idea how to write some sort of thing that sounds all legal like, or something that would  stand up in a court. So let us explain the webstore, on this website, also we will be using a real name not just a call sign.

So when we built this website, one of the core members, in fact a founding member Mr. Keith Clausen asked if we could build a webstore. Keith has a small Airsoft store located in a trailer at our weekly field. To assist in selling Keith’s items, and to make ease for players to access the only local airsoft equipment in the Greater Sudbury we agreed to put a webstore on our website for Keith. 

SO… in simple plain old English. 

Buy purchasing from this website you are purchasing from Mr. Keith Clausen. Whitefish Airsoft, the website administrator or website builder,  does not offer any warranties or guarantees on any items listed or advertised of for sale on this website. Further  no Whitefish Airsoft representative , it’s players or members inspect or authenticate any item here. 

If you have any problems, email to: proshop@whitefishairsoft.ca This email is only monitored by Keith. 

Buy purchasing from our website, you agree to not now or ever hold any member Whitefish Airsoft liable for anything to do with this webstore. All interactions are between you the purchaser and Mr. Keith Clausen. 

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