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Whitefish Airsoft is a friendly, humble group of Airsoft players and enthusiasts in the Greater Sudbury area. We play Airsoft weekly, in all seasons. Our home field is free for all players.

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Steelhead (S3) taking care of a traitor.
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The official symbol of Whitefish Airsoft

 The skeleton fish; well we think it looks wicked cool. The cross rifles represent our players.  Some of us play kitted in modern gear, other prefer to play WWII style, with era weapons and uniforms. The Latin across the bottom translates “play with honour be victorious” 

The final push in Operation Phoenix (WFA MILSIM 2018)

First time player? NO WORRIES!!! We’ve got you covered. Your first time out to our field we can set you up with a Weapon, some ammo and pair you with an experienced operator. All to make sure you get the most out of your day. We promise you will want to come back. First time rental is on us. 

Been down range before? Come join us at one of our weekly skirmish days. We play all sorts of games from Search and Rescue, capture the flag and hold the bunker. Our field is large and diverse, want to dig in for the long fight? Than climb to the top of our 3 level tower, and rain terror down on your enemy. More of a one shot one kill type? Find your perfect hide in the dense trees, and wait for the perfect moment. 

When the fight is done, hangout in the the Warrior lodge, Fully equipped with solar power and a wood stove, letting you comfortably recount your last battle.

We also have rentals on site. Need Ammo we got some for sale too!!! Field fees: FREE

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