Our History

Whitefish Airsoft began in 2011/2012 when a small group of guys began playing on Sue and Gill’s property in the Whitefish area. Games where often small with as little as a 4 players present during skirmish days.  After the sad passing of Gill, Sue sold the property and moved south,  leaving the now 8 or so players without a home.

Winter of 2015 a new field is secured as one of the original players, who still plays sniper today convinces his best friend to let the group play in his back yard. Here too is where the payment system began. The agreement was made that WFA players would cut and stack firewood for the owner, in turn, WFA was given a home.

2016 WFA adapts a new symbol of the cross rifles and fish skeleton, along with they symbol comes the WFA flag that now flies over all WFA events and is on display at all MILSIMS. Also, WFA adopts its moto in Latin, translated to “play with honor and be victorious”   

2017 WFA issues it’s first callsigns to players well forming the “FISH” squad. The newly formed FISH squad attends it’s first MILSIM, Force Recons infamous NIGHTFALL. An 18 Hour MILSIM challenge. Oh ya, FISH walk away on the winning team.

2017…. hell ya there is more that year. WFA leaders permit one of their regular players to create and run a mini MILSIM under the WFA name. This first MILSIM was in response to the Fish squad who had prepared for another MILSIM in southern Ontario that had got cancelled. So OPERATION PROBE is played on new field in the Chelmsford area. 32 players braved the very cold and rainy day in late October… now the Challenge was on.

2018 WFA sends the Fish back to NIGHTFALL, and for a second time we come home on the winning team. Also during this year, we meet new friends in the local airsoft community; Azilda Air Assault, Timmins Airsoft, and Birch Island Airsoft.

2018 also sees us hosting two more MILSIMs in our now permanent MILSIM feild. Operation Dawn and Operation Faith. Both continue the original story line of OP Probe, but with some serious twist and turns leading to a whole new treaty!

The Tower, the centre of our home field.
0500hrs the at our MILSIM feild, preparing for OP Phoenix.
Whitefish Airsoft Fields

Whitefish Airsoft over the years has developed two large fields. The weekly skirmish field is our home and base camp. Here you will find our “Safe Zone” with our Warrior lodge. Members have spent many hours perfecting this field. Areas of the field are named after World War II era places; such as Vimy Ridge. This field sports well cut trails with plenty of dense natural vegetation for play. Several well built bunkers and “bases” dot the landscape offering many areas of game play. Whitefish Airsoft “factions” take pride in always improving fortifications. In the centre of the the play area is the close to 40 foot tall tower, which is near impossible to assault. 

Our Second Field is reserved for Whitefish Airsoft’s MILSIM events. This area is perfectly suited for any size MILSIM. Located outside of Chelmsford on a family owned farm, we can customize the size of the field to accommodate any play we want. Many winding trails cut through dense underbrush opening into different size fighting areas. Perfect for every type of player. The only structure in the play area is the “Game control Shack” which stores all our MILSIM equipment; everything from Mortar tubes to forward operating bases.  During game day this shack is busy with refs/game controllers and event staff, doing everything from keeping track of points to handling airstrikes called in by commander. 

Call Signs

Like many airsoft groups and clubs members may be given a nick name, or in this case a call sign.

At Whitefish Airsoft we do things a little different, players don’t get to pick  their call sign. There are two ways to earn a call sign with at WFA.  The first way is to become a member of the MILSIM team. Team members will then be assigned a call sign by the squad leader. This call sign will be one of a fresh water game fish of Canada. Eq. Pike

The second way to get a call sign is to be a member in good standing, that does more than just play airsoft with us. You come out and help with our MILSIMs, help cut fire wood and maintain the field. The Regimental Sargent Major will then decided if you so are deserving, at which time a call sign of any sea creator real or mythical will be given. You will also be presented with an official Whitefish Airsoft shirt. Eq. knifefish.

How We Keep Our Field Free

Our weekly skirmish field is located on private property. The owners are very happy to let us play on the land. However we do have a method of payment, consider it form of saying thank-you. 

Every year members cut, and haul firewood from the playing area back to the owners wood shed. This serves two purposes. 1. It keeps the play area clean and safe for us. 2. The owner gets firewood. We believe this to be a great trade given the amount of freedom the owner has given us to build and play on the land.  So we ask players to please donate a little of there time, even an hour before a skirmish day to help move a few loads of wood. We would also like to remind players that keeping the area clean, this is very important to us. 

Perch and Guppy standing post waiting for the enemy attack.
Nightfall 2019 - Alpha Squad of the Battle - Yup that the Fish squad.

Summer 2019, WFA sends the fish back to Picton for another round of Nightfall. After a very long day and night the team sits in the field tired dirty and hungry. As the Squad of the Battle for Alpha is announced, to our utter surprise Whitefish Airsoft is announced. You will notice that all 11 Players are in this pic, for us that is beyond important. 

For yous who have to nit pick, the extra 2 in the pic are the commanders of Alpha. 

Come see us at the warrior lodge to hear this story. 

Photo compliments of Sabad Photos and used with permission from Force Recon. 

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